Monday, June 13, 2011

Post-Graduation Extravaganza

So much to share with you today. As I write this, I'm sitting in a cluttered guest room at my folks' place in Alpharetta, GA. Cluttered because I can't unpack any of the things I brought home, as I'll soon be packing it up again to head to Austin, TX. Y'know, to LIVE. I graduated magna cum laude with a BFA in illustration from The Savannah College of Art and Design last saturday, the 4th of June. It's been a wonderful 4 years, and a wonderful week off from work. Well that's not true. I've still been at work, just a different kind. The preparatory kind. I decided it was time to add a blog post to my list of things to do.

First off, the graduation festivities!

Here I am in front of the piece of mine that made it into SCAD's 2011 Communication Arts show. This piece is getting pretty good exposure and mileage!

The next night was the SCAD Illustration Club senior show. These are the 4 pieces I chose for the show (that will be soon hanging in my future apartment)

I'm a blurry, splotchy, graduate!

Me and my lovely girlfriend, Caitlin after the ceremony. Pardon my sweaty, stupid hair.

Me and my buds

Graduation gifts from my folks! I got a GPS unit and Caitlin got a blender/food processor. Not pictured is the gift I got from the Alexanders...a 2 burner gas grill! Manly!

Needless to say, it was an awesome experience. I feel so old, but with so much more ahead of me.

Now, about all those materials I created in my last illustration class:

My envelope mailers, consisting of cover letters, tearsheets, a postcard, and business card (sorry for the dim, poor quality. These are mac photobooth pictures in dim lighting)

A closeup of the logo sticker on my envelopes. No return address as of yet. Waiting until I have a permanent one.

My handmade physical portfolio binder and box! This thing was a labor of love and I'm so happy with it. Made with bookbinding/davey board, PVA glue, paper-backed book cloth, canson paper interior, 3 ring binding mechanism and page sleeves of course. Visible here is just the outer box/case.

The open side of the box and the binder spine within it.

Dunno if you could tell, but the logo is inlaid. So fancy.

The binder slides out.

The binder.

Cover page.

interior pages.

That's all for the portfolio. I'll be lugging it around to potential interviews with art directors at publishing companies and editorials. It's suggested you have two, though. That'll be another $200+ and 10hr investment right there.

Here be my business card and postcard:

business card front. That's my info, yup.

business card back. Good ole Slick the Cowboy!

postcard front. Like I said, mileage.

postcard back. Decided to spiff it up. If you're an art director at a publication with quirky artwork like mine, expect one in the mail. Now to get stamps...

I'm sure there's something I've omitted. I certainly did more in my class than just this. I created a resume, artist statement, business/marketing plan, contract/document forms, tearsheets, client lists, etc. but none of that is interesting to you, the viewer. So this is all the visual candy (aside from the website, but you saw then on your way here). Up next is the true self-promotion process wherein I will utilize all of the above. Wish me luck!

P.S. Here's a little doodle I did in the last few days of school. Just something goofy. Enjoy?