Monday, January 30, 2012

I have moved to tumblr

Hi folks. Due to a more user-friendly interface and better design options, I've decided to uproot my blog here at blogger and move it over to tumblr. It's not without regret, though. I'm sure I'll lose a few followers in the process and some nice encouraging comments didn't make the journey like all my old salvaged posts did. My new blog can be found here:
I haven't yet changed the blog link on my portfolio site to reflect this change, but it will happen soon. Head over to my tumblr to read a inaugural update!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Let's catch up

Hey all you crazy cats. In typical Kellan fashion, I took another leave of absence, but I do come bearing gifts!

Back in November, I was approached by Active Interest Media to illustrate a spread and mini-spots for an article in Amazing Wellness Magazine. The subject matter was pretty quirky and seemed like a pretty good fit for my art style. How else should a piece about health supplements in a beauty pageant be illustrated but in a cartoony, lighthearted style? The folks at AIM were really pleasant to deal with, the negotiation process went swimmingly, and the schedule, while quick, was still comfortable and went off without a hitch. I thought I'd elaborate on my process work, and the stages that happen before my finished product.

First, I was given the article to read, and the layout to compose my image around. Normally the client would be very open to multiple concepts for the piece, but due to the limited time, I instead created comps based on the idea they gave me. Speaking of comps, my policy is to create 3 clean, developed sketches per project. Here they are in the sent document:

The client chose comp #3, and requested a different image for the 'collagen' spot. I then put together some color comp options for their approval.

They chose the first comp, and I set about finishing all the final artwork. This is what I came up with:

Like I said, it was a great experience. My copies should be getting to me soon, so I'll probably take some cheesy photo of me holding the printed version. Getting published will probably be exciting like this for quite a while. I don't plan on becoming jaded anytime soon.

My New Year's resolution this year was to really push myself in my freelance career. It's been a constant struggle to keep myself motivated after coming home from a day's hard work at the animation studio. I did personal work sporadically, and one gig as seen above, but completely dropped the ball on additional promotion and just didn't see myself really GOING for it like I should. So, I'm hoping the good vibrations I'm feeling will carry me forward in both facets of my career. As far as Powerhouse goes, I still can't really talk about it. It's getting really close to becoming public knowledge, when I can actually SAY what I'm working 40hrs a week on. But even then I can't show you! In the meantime I'll show you the beginnings of another pet project I started that may or may not fall by the wayside if my creative ADD has anything to do with it:

I was feeling super inspired by one of the Christmas gifts Caitlin gave me, a 1949 edition of The Fireside Cook Book, illustrated by Martin and Alice Provensen, huge inspirations to 50s animation design, and thus a huge inspiration to me. The illustrations in the book mostly consist of black line drawings accented by solid, single tone shapes that are just dripping with divine design and simplicity.

(credit: Martin and Alice Provensen)

It's an aesthetic I've flirted with but never really jumped into head first. I always find myself starting simple, but adding more and more to a point that's still pleasing and cohesive, but just lacking that spark that the brilliantly simple work of the Provensen's has. But back to Georgie boy up there. I just started drawing him last night. I have no idea why. But I kind of realized that doing a series of all the presidents would provide a consistent exercise in character design, with a touch or caricature, and would even allow me to work on characters from various periods of history. I dunno, it just seems like lots of fun. As I said before, my attention could stray...

Let's hope not.

Happy New Year everyone. I've had a great couple of weeks seeing great friends and loved ones, eating mountains of amazing food, and getting great gifts. I can only hope you've done the same. 2012!