Monday, April 5, 2010

So much for being consistent

I kind of knew I'd have a hard time keeping this blog current. Who knew I'd take months to make a second entry? I'll start things off with my work from my last quarter at SCAD, and top it off with something hot off the press for the current quarter.

A label for a paint can of goodies from for repeat customers. The lid (which isn't shown) shows a man sticking his head in the 'o' of and this label depicts him popping up in locations across the globe.

A poster for the American Museum of Natural History's relocated dinosaur fossil exhibit. Hopefully the concept is self-explanatory.

A simple illustration for the Oatland Island Wildlife Center. The Great Horned Owl is a popular specimen, and is even their mascot.

Another new quarter brings more illustration classes. This time it's Poster Design. It requires a different mode of thinking, that's for sure. I'm so used to narrative, children's book, and editorial flare. It's much harder to think more iconographically, and conceptually. I spared myself a headache by sticking to what I know: Back To The Future.

Fans will argue that Marty never had his sneakers in 1885 Hill Valley, but the poster is a reimagining, and it's much easier and more effective to the concept of time travel to show a visual anachronism like this. I settled on this subject after much debate and stubbornness on my part. I was convinced that a simplistic image of Marty's feet on the hoverboard from Part II would make the PERFECT poster. The only problem was, nobody agreed. And while I could argue that artistic integrity and confidence should lead me to do what I believe in, that doesn't get me a good grade. Doing what the professor says will.

I could ramble on about the politics of producing an image from start to finish right now, and I sort of want to, but it is late, and I would run out of steam without ever really making a lick of sense. I'll spare you the trouble. Buenas noches.

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