Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Poster designing just isn't my thing. My desire to illustrate narratively, with a fully realized character, setting, and situation keeps me from being all that graphic, simple, and striking. So I suppose it's saying a lot that I'm actually rather pleased with the turnout of my newest piece. I illustrated each piece separately so I could compose them exactly how i want, and any colors imaginable. See that was the catch 22. Too many options. It took me a lot of scrambling and color swapping, but I settled on this final look while still adhering to my concept. Tigers are very close to extinction in the wild. The idea is that they are fading away, and only their stripes are left, allowing the background to show through. The placement of the writing on the face, while graphically looks nice, is also meant to emphasize their disappearance. For working outside my comfort zone, I'm rather pleased.

*update* I put a little more work into and think I got something better out of it.


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