Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter comes to a close

Another post, and another instance of my blog neglect. Yet again, I have tons of stuff to plop into this post that should have been steadily posted over the past 3 weeks or so. I spoke of upcoming projects in the last entry, and they're all done now! I'll just get down to business, then.

In Digital Cel class, I completed my lip sync animation as well as a 15 second animated spot for the SCAD animation department for my final project. I feel that every assignment is an amazing springboard to more and more understanding of Flash and how applicable this work is to my illustration. I feel so much more well-rounded as a commercial artist. Let's hope that means lots of jobs in the future! Here are the two animations:

Fun Fun.

Illustration Portfolio class just wrapped up as well, and there are 2 more pieces to show. The characters from before have been completed, as well as the background/layout incorporating them. I'm very satisfied with these pieces. I surprised myself with how dense and detailed the saloon piece ended up. I spent much longer on it than the average artwork, and I think it shows. I also feel like I made another landmark in my journey to nail a style that comes second nature. Things seemed to flow from my hand more than ever. Hope that makes sense.

In other news, the Society of Illustrators NY 2011 Student Competition was exciting enough, but things got even better. I was surprised when two of my pieces were selected a few weeks ago, as I didn't see it coming nor would I expect to be recognized by the reputable face for american illustration. That being said, imagine how floored I was to be casually informed by my professor that my piece...

was awarded a $1000 scholarship by SOI NY. I haven't been given official details yet, just an assured 'you got it' from the faculty. As much as I wish I could fork over that money for anything of my choosing (Cintiq monitor....droooool), I must remind myself that that money will be food, gas, and supplies for survival for the next few months. I'm feeling so much encouragement recently, but hoping it's not a fluke! I'm negative like that.

Regardless, it's been a wonderful close to a BUSY quarter. Just one more left before I begin real life. Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the NYSOI scholarship! I love your style, by the way. I felt super-privileged to be considered in the same contest as you. :D