Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am alive. I swear.

Hello everyone! Or just...one.

I've been pretty busy lately. Not too busy to post on my blog. That was just plain neglect. But I have had a lot on my mind and on my plate. I successfully made my move to Austin, and after a month and a half bumming food and shelter from Caitlin's parents, she and I finally moved into our downtown apartment at the beginning of August. It's a one bedroom place, but we ended up making great use of space and Caitlin and I both have our very own studio spaces. Here are some photos of mine:

Now, just picture a nice, new, cintiq monitor right there on that desk. I'll hopefully make that happen very soon. I've got the money ready, just need to find one in stock!

The big news, that isn't really NEW anymore, is that I totally landed the position at Powerhouse Animation Studios. After months of determined pursuit, I was finally hired and started on July 5th. I'm considered a general animator, and I'm usually kept on my toes, hopping from one project to another, ranging from fluid disney-esque animation, to puppeted stuff (similar to my personal work), and with a few character design opportunities in there as well. I show up at 9, grab a cup of coffee, work on a cintiq and computer that's all my own for 8 hours (plus lunch) and come home at 6. Most of the contracts are secret and I have to keep quiet or the clients will murder me or eat my first-born child and whatnot, but so far I have worked on some super-cool stuff. Things I never thought I'd get anywhere near touching this early out of school. The pay is good, the people are awesome, and I'm really enjoying and relishing the security it provides. Benefits kick in soon, too! I should really update my resume, huh?

Here's my company photo from my employee page:

It's no coincidence that I'm holding a copy of Cartoon Modern, my most favorite book ever.

There is a biweekly drawing contest at work between the employees, called the Luck of the Draw. So far the subject matter has been new employees (I was one of a few). Two have been done so far and here are my entries:



These pieces really are the closest thing to illustration I have done since the end of school, however. I have found there is one detriment to having this animation job. It certainly requires a lot of focus and energy that could be going toward my freelance career. In order to succeed at both, and bolster a client base, I'm going to need to push myself harder, and find a groove so that my illustration aspirations don't fall by the wayside. As of now, it's much too easy to clock out at 6, come home, eat dinner, and lounge around until bed. Wake. Repeat. It's hard to escape this feeling that I've already got a job and I don't need to do more work. And that is true. But only monetarily. I've found that what I crave is the achievement and praise that comes along with illustration projects. The money is an added bonus. So while I certainly enjoy my studio job, it can't fill that void, and I suppose I never expected it to. I just have to try and try, and not forget my aspirations. Wish me luck.

I could continue blathering, but it is getting late and I have work in the morning. Goodnight all!


  1. Do or do not, there is no try!
    - Master Yoda

  2. Nice post Kellan. Keep working towards those freelancing goals!

  3. Congratulations on landing the job! That sounds amazing!