Sunday, October 3, 2010

Retro Crunch! And other things.

So there we were. Caitlin and I, walking down the isles on our routine Friday afternoon grocery run to Kroger. We usually point at the terrible package design and characters (especially Kroger's branding...eesh). But we were both elated to see these boxes of Cap'n Crunch:

(photo from Caitlin got a few shots on her phone, but I don't have 'em.)

I suppose I'm a little late to the party, as people have talking about this since August. Oh well. At least I got to stumble on them in the wild. It baffles me that design (the lettering! love it.) was ever this good, AND that it ever went away. Everything seems so uninspired these days. Perhaps the true creatives are too proud to turn their talents toward a marketing obsessed industry. Either way, I've never wanted to buy a box of sugary-nothing cereal more than after seeing this box. I hope Retro Crunch stays around forever, but I know it won't.

In other news, I've spotted my name in the wild, and it's not that dufus Kellan Lutz's fault.

This seems stupid to you folk with common names, but this really is an event for me. Now if only I was a fan of Irish whiskey...

Apologies for this mostly meaningless post. I suppose it means I'm catching on to this blogging thing. I mean, 3 posts in three days? I'm totally getting better.

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