Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some more stuff!

I'm churning out so much work lately. Oddly, I don't feel overworked of exhausted. If I can keep this sort of stamina for the rest of my working career, that'd be great!

The SIC (Scad illustration club) is having a gallery show later this month. The theme is Urban Legends, a spooky subject matter probably due to the closeness of Halloween. I decided to buck the tend and just do something plain stupid. A pun of sorts...or just a literal translation. So here's Bigfoot:

Anyway, strangely, this should be my first gallery exposure since coming to SCAD. I suppose that's my fault. I just haven't had the drive until now.



  1. This has such an awesome retro-throw back style to it. I love it. I would say the eyes kinda bother me with the glasses. I think I'm gonna try to make it to this show, maybe I'ill cya there?

  2. I can see the 4-eyed, kinda confusing aspect of the eyes. I wanted to include both, but not have the eyes within the lenses. I probably looked at it so long that any initial reaction to it faded away. I Should have gotten some input earlier, but had a time crunch. It's great to get constructive criticism, though. Keeps me on my toes. Thanks, Dan. The show is later in October, maybe the 23rd or something. You should submit something! The deadline is tomorrow. If not, there will be other shows, where you, an animator, would kick the pants off of a ton of the illustrators.